Quarantine Notifications

            1.0 Spam, Viruses & Fraud

            Unsolicited commercial email, also known as spam, has become an increasing problem on the Internet.  To combat this problem Securolytics has developed advanced protection for email.  This service provides sophisticated anti-spam, anti-virus and fraud-defense capabilities resulting in fewer errors when determining whether or not a message is legitimate.
            1. Legitimate email will continue to be delivered to the user's inbox.
            2. Confirmed spam, viruses and fraud will automatically be rejected by Securolytics.
            3. Email that cannot be immediately confirmed as good or bad will be held in a temporary quarantine by Securolytics

            2.0 Spam Quarantine Notification

            3.0 Configuring Quarantine Notifications

            Spam Quarantine Notifications are configured under Email Security > Anti-Spam > Configuration.

            Status: By default, Quarantine Notifications are disabled. Set the status to Enabled to enable Quarantine Notifications for your organization.

            Users: This allows you to specify which groups and/or users should receive Quarantine Notifications. Setting this to All will enable Quarantine Notifications for all users within your organization.

            Version: Allows you to choose which version of the Quarantine Notification to use for your organization.
            Support for Version 1 of the Quarantine Notification will end on September 1, 2019. Customers who have not switched to Version 2 by this date will automatically be moved to Version 2 when support ends on September 1, 2019.

            Delivery Schedule: Allows you to specify when and how often Quarantine Notifications are sent to users within your organization.  NOTE: A Quarantine Notification will only be sent to a user if they have newly quarantined email since their last notification.

            From: Allows you to customize the sender's address used for sending the Quarantine Notification. We strongly recommend you keep the default From address ( to avoid delivery issues.

            Subject: Allows you to customize the subject for the Quarantine Notification.

            Message: Allows you to customize the content within the Quarantine Notification.

            4.0 FAQs

            What is Email Quarantine?
            Email quarantine is a service provided by Securolytics where email messages suspected to be spam or fraud are stored temporarily so they may be viewed. If an email addressed to a user is quarantined, you can configure Securolytics to send the user a Quarantine Notification listing all emails addressed to them that were were stopped because the message was suspected of being spam for fraud.

            How do users release messages from Email Quarantine?
            Users may release quarantined email by clicking the “release” link to the right of the message.

            How do users delete messages from Email Quarantine?
            Users are not required to delete unneeded messages from quarantine.  Securolytics will automatically delete unreleased quarantined messages based on your organization's retention policy.

            Can users check for newly quarantined messages without waiting for the next Quarantine Notification?
            Yes. Every Quarantine Notification contains a unique link to that user's personal "Real-Time Spam Quarantine Portal".  Users can view and release newly quarantined messages from this portal.

            What should users do if they still receive spam?
            In the event a user receives an occasional piece of spam, simply ask them to delete the email. If a user receives multiple pieces of spam per day, please have them to forward the original message(s) to Securolytics Support for analysis.

            Updated: 31 May 2019 03:14 PM
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