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            Microsoft Office 365

            1. Introduction

            This KnowledgeBase Article will guide you through configuring Microsoft Office 365 to work with the Securolytics Email Encryption service.  These instructions assume your Microsoft Office 365 account has already been setup and that you have administrative privileges.

            2. Setup

            2.1 Step 1

            Select the following options:

            From: Office 365
            To: Partner Organization

            2.2 Step 2

            Name the Connector Securolytics Email Security Connector.

            2.3 Step 3

            Select ‘Only when email messages are sent to these domains’.
            Click ‘+’.
            In the dialog box type * and click ‘Save’.
            Click ‘Next’.

            2.4 Step 4

            Select ‘Route email through these smart hosts’.
            Click ‘+’.

            2.5 Step 5

            In the diaglog box type
            Click ‘Save’.
            Then add
            Click ‘Save’.

            "" and "" are older configurations.  All customers should migrate to and when possible to take advantage of new high-availability features.

            2.6 Step 6

            Use the default options.
            Click ‘Next’.

            2.7 Step 7

            Verify the configuration below.
            Click ‘Next’.

            2.8 Step 8

            Add an email address outside of your domain to use to validate the configuration.
            Click ‘Validate’.

            2.9 Step 9

            The validation will confirm correct mail flow through the configured smart host.
            Click ‘Save’.

            Updated: 16 Sep 2019 01:59 AM
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