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            Managing Firewalls

            This knowledge base article will guide you through managing your Cloud Firewall Service.


            Executive Dashboard



            This dashboard displays status of currently installed BNSA devices.


            Tactical Dashboard



            1. To show Device overview click on Device name. To deselect currently selected device click on the Name one more time.



            2. Resource Usage is show by default and displays CPU, Memory and Disk usage. To show this info in further click on Device LED indicator 



            To show Device Port Bandwidth Usage click on port Icon on Device dashboard.


            Policies & Settings


            Switch Devices

            Select device that you want to manage


            Select Firewall Items

            Select corresponding Firewall rule set


            View Firewall Filter rules


            You will see currently installed rules and their status



            Add new rule

            To add new firewall rule, open required menu item and click on Add button.

            You will see new policy input box.

            Type in Router OS command according device documentation.

            Example: accept incoming packets to FTP port 21/tcp on all interfaces

            add action=accept chain=input comment=ftp disabled=no dst-port=21 log=no log-prefix="" protocol=tcp


            Edit and Delete rules

            To edit firewall rule, open required menu item and click on Edit button.

            Example: if you want to disable rule, in open box change disabled=no to yes and hit Save.


            To remove firewall rule, open required menu item and click on Delete button and confirm by hitting OK.


            Quick Start


            Support Tasks





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