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            Google GSuite Free Edition

            Complete the following steps to setup Securolytics Email Encryption with Google Apps Free Edition (Gmail web portal

            • Login to Administrator console for Google Apps and click on Google Apps.
            • Click Gmail and then Advanced Settings.  (Advanced Settings should be on the lower portion of the page.  You may have to scroll down to see it.)
            • Scroll down the page to the heading: End User Access
            • Under Allow per-user outbound gateways click the box next to it.  As shown below.

            • Login to the user(s) Google Apps (Gmail) account. And click settings (the gear symbol in the top left corner) and click settings again.
            • Click on the accounts tab.

            • Click the link labeled: Add another email address you own
            • Add the information similar to what is shown in the example below but use your company specifics.
            • Choose an Email address that is not currently being used by the account. .

            • Click Next Step
            • Enter the information as shown in the example below.
            • Securolytics will provide the SASL Authentication Username and Password to be used. The information below is an example only.
            • Click Add Account  (After you have entered all required information)

            Sending Secure Email

            • When sending a secure email, click the Compose button.  
            • When the New Message window pops up, click on the small down arrow button at the end of the From: field
            • From the drop menu, choose the account name you created in the previous steps. Using my example I would choose: DUV Secure <>
            • Compose your new message and click send. You have successfully sent email through our secure service.
            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 02:19 AM
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