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            Google GSuite

            This document will explain how to configure DNS records for use with Securolytics email encryption services:


            • Go to Settings > Email > Hosts
            • Click Add route
            • Set the following configuration
               Name: Securolytics Managed Email Security
               Port: 25 
               Perform MX lookup on host: Do not enable
               Require TLS Delivery: Enable
            • Click Save
            • Go to Organization & users
            • Click Add suborganization
            • Add the following organization: 
              Organization Name: Secure Email Users
              Description: Outgoing Internet email for users in this organization will be redirected to the Securolytics Email Security service for scanning and encryption.
            • Click Add organization

            • Click back on your primary organization.
            • Select the users for which you have purchased, or plan to purchase email encryption.
            • Click Move to
            • Select the new Secure Email Users organization.
            • Click Move to organization. Users moved to the new suborganization will inherit policies from the primary organization.

            • Go to Settings > Email
            • Click on the new suborganization named Secure Email Users
            • Scroll down to the Sending Routing section at the bottom of the page
            • Click Configure

            • Add a new Sending route with the following settings: 
              Email messages to affect: Outbound 
              For the above types of messages, do the following:  Change Route to Securolytics Email Security
            • Click Save

            • Outgoing Internet email for users in the new suborganization will now be redirected to the Securolytics Email Security for scanning and encryption


            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 02:19 AM
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