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            Getting Started

            Quick Start

            We strongly recommend using the Quick Start wizard in the portal.  This wizard will guide you through the steps required for a typical deployment.  As you complete each step the wizard will monitor your progress and provide an easy to read summary of your implementation stats.  To access the Quick Start wizard, log into your management portal.  Then select Network Security > Next-Gen Firewall > Quick Start.
            Physical Installation

            When your IoT Security Appliance arrives the box should contain the following:
            1. IoT Security Appliance
            2. Power Cord(s)
            Rack the device in your data center.  Connect the power cord(s) to the appliance and secure them by lowering the power supply bracket in the back.  You can now power on the IoTSA.

            Test Internet Connectivity

            Leave a PC/laptop connected to ETH8 on IoTSA. Ping an Internet IP Address.  If the ping is successful the IoTSA has proper Internet connectivity.

            Check Firewall Status in Management Portal

            Navigate to IoT Security > IoT Firewall > Executive Dashboard  If the new IoTSA status is displayed as "Active" it has self-registered properly.  If the new IoTSA shows as "Activation Pending" it has not self-registered properly.  Please wait 10 minutes and then recheck the status by refreshing the Executive Dashboard.  Contact support If the status still has not change to "Active".

            Updated: 15 Apr 2019 01:53 PM
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