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            Getting Started

            Quick Start

            We strongly recommend using the Quick Start wizard in the portal.  This wizard will guide you through the steps required for a typical deployment.  As you complete each step the wizard will monitor your progress and provide an easy to read summary of your implementation stats.  To access the Quick Start wizard, log into your management portal.  Then select Email Security > Encryption > Quick Start.

            1.0 Provisioning

            Schedule Implementation Planning Session

            We encourage you engage our Professional Services team prior to starting your implementation.  Our engineers have a decades of expertise supporting enterprise organizations and are here to help. They can help you create an implementation plan or simply provide feedback on your existing plan.

            Please contact your account team to schedule your 1-hour Implementation Planning Session.

            Activate Encryption Trial License

            To activate your Trial License, log into your management portal.  Then select Encryption > Plans & Pricing.  Click Activate Trial.  Do not close your browser while the activation process is running.  The activation should take less than one minute, after which you will see additional tabs across the top.

            Please contact your account team with questions or for technical assistance.  For convenience, your account team's contact information is listed at the bottom of the Plans & Pricing page.

            2.0 Pre-Deployment

            SPF Records

            Creating a new SPF Record

            Access the admin panel that is provided to you by your domain registrar to update your DNS record. 
            Sender Policy Framework (“SPF”) records allow you to determine which servers can send email on behalf of your domain. An SPF record is not required to use with our cloud service, however, can help improve email delivery rates by reducing the chance that the emails you send will be seen as spam. Additional information on SPF is available on the Sender Policy Framework Project website.

            You can check to see if your domain already has an SPF Record using Scott Kitterman's SPF Record Testing Tool.

            If your domain does not have an SPF record, you should create an SPF record as displayed below.

            Modifying an SPF Record

            If your domain has an existing SPF record, you can simply add the value below to your existing record

            Outbound Firewall Rules

            • Add the following outbound rules to your firewall.




            25 / SMTP


            25 / SMTP

            3.0 Email Forwarding

            Add Email Domain

            • Login to the cloud portal

            • Click on E-mail Security>Encryption 

            • Click on the Configuration tab. 
            • Click the Add Domain button located on the right side of the page. 

            • Complete the domain configuration details specific to your network.

            • Connection Preference:
              • TLS Only - Message will be delivered through TLS connection. If remote server does not handle TLS then message will be forwarded to Encryption Portal and recipient will get email notification with URL to Encryption Portal where he can read original message.
              • TLS, Plaintext - Message will be delivered through TLS connection. If remote server does not handle TLS then message will be delivered through non-secure connection.


            • Click Add button

            • Choose the method for verifying the domain then click OK
            • An Agreement Pending window will be displayed reflecting the information you have entered.  The domain will become active once it has been validated.


             Add Outbound IP Addresses

            • Scroll down to the section labeled Networks on the Configuration page

            • Click the Add Network button as shown above.

            • A drop down box will appear.  Provide your e-mail server public IP address and network mask or select one of the pre-defined options.

            • Click the Add button

            • The new network will be submitted to Support for activation.  When the configuration page is refreshed the status will indicate the network activation is pending or it is active.  Contact Support if the network status is not active within 15 minutes.

            • Click the Activate button below Outbound Email

              Create Outbound Smarthost

              Update the DNS names for the smarthost in your organization's mail configuration with the following. See mail server setup instructions in below.

            4.0 Activate Encryption

            Login to the cloud portal

            Click on E-mail Security>Encryption 

            Click on the Configuration tab

            Enable Auto-Encyrption

            • Enable automatic encryption for all outbound e-mail. Scroll down to the AutoEncryption box and click the Disabled button.



            Enable Subject Line Encryption


            • Enable EncryptedPortal box.  This will enable encryption for e-mails with certain keywords in the subject. You will need to provide the list of these keywords to  Support so they can be added for you.
            • Click 'Add' button


            Configure Options for Encrypted Mail Portal

            E-mail recipients without TLS support on their organization's mail server will recieve an e-mail notification to view encrypted mail from your organization on our encrypted mail portal.  You can customize the following options for these notifications.

            • Select Name or logo under Customize Organization Name. This will determine if your organizations name or logo will be displayed in the notification e-mail.  You will need to upload your logo if this option is selected.

            • Select the color scheme for the notification e-mail on the color wheel provided.


            5.0 Mail Server Setup Instructions

            Updated: 26 Feb 2019 02:09 AM
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